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Ruth Fainlight
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Ruth Fainlight is a writer and a poet. She was born in New York, But has lived most of her life in England. Ruth went to art college. She has also lived in France and Spain for a few years. Ruth is married to writer Alan Sillitoe. The two divide their time between London and New York.

Ruth Fainlight has published thirteen collections of poems in England and the U.S, as well as two short stories and translations in french, portuguese and spanish. She has recieved awards in 1994 and 1997. In 1985 and 1990 she was poet in residence at Vanderbilt University in Nashville Tennesse.

Ruth Fainlight has served on the council of the poetry society, and is a member of the society of authours and writers in prison commitee of english P.E.N. Some of her poetry includes; Cages (1966), Another full Moon (1976), Fiftenn to Infinity (1983), Sugar Pale Blue (1997) and Flower Feet.

By: Moncella Joseph

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Biography Link

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